5 Reasons why you shouldn't Invest in Team Building in 2020

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What comes to your mind when we say, “Team Building”?

Well, for some it is just an official day off from the work, concerned just about the venue and the menu. But for some, it can be a learning experience. But is it? Really? Well, there are certainly many reasons to conduct team building activities for your employees but is it certain that these activities will make their bond thicker back at work? Many managers thus, do not find team building activities worth it but find it hard to avoid them. Because refusing to their bosses is nothing but committing management suicide.

To keep the interest and time of the managers, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t invest in Team Building programs in 2020 –

1. The Gap in Learning:- Not always it is necessary that one will get to do the team building activities with the same team they are working with back at the office. Even if they are the same, there is a huge learning gap between doing things in activities and performing tasks back at work. Because situations will differ and so would their ability to deal with it.

2. Risk of Incentivizing Employees:- Managers usually tend to force their employees to enroll in team-building training and there they are bound to take part in fun and games. This might come across as an incentivizing scheme where the employees might assume that they regularly need such sweeteners to pull them together to do a great job.

3. Mistaking socializing with Team Building:- Forcing employees to socialize with other colleagues in the name of team building activity may not be a good idea. Socializing has a different way but not all employees may find it comfortable to mingle with each other in a ‘fun’ activity.

4. Awkwardness:- Not all employees are comfortable in drawing attention to themselves in different role-play or team building activities. If people are a little introverted or less sociable, their fear of awkwardness will make them even more nervous and underconfident.

5. Fear of Silence:- Sometimes team building activities might develop a sense of intense competition amongst the members. This can actually drive a wedge between them rather than bonding them and fostering team engagement and loyalty.


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