Best Microwave Oven to Buy

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Best Microwave Oven to Buy

There are three sorts of microwave: Solo ,barbecue and convection. Solo microwaves are considered for basic or entry level, Grill microwaves are considered next level up to solo, and whereas convection microwaves are at the top of the list. The difference among them occurs at the ground of price, Watts and features. Best Microwave Oven to Buy

If you are planning to get a microwave oven, so go ahead with a convection micro oven. As convection micro oven can perform all of the five most important cooking functions i.e, Baking, Grilling, cooking, Heating and Defrosting.

Because of this flexibility, these cost between Rs.8000 – Rs.25000.

Aside from this you ought to likewise search for:

Easy access cooking buttons Power consumptions Brand credibility, warranty and services.

Here is the list of Best Microwave Oven to buy of different brands with their specifications to be our top picks.

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