Bitfinex Support Number +1-【(315) 375-9460】

City Kansas
Street Address 2nd street lake view
ZIP/Postal Code 43001
State California
Country United States

From security point of view Bitfinex has moved from hot wallet to cold wallet option with segregation of user’s funds and each user has the access of their own wallet and they can review what’s happening on the blockchain. Funds can be transferred by standard methods of bank account transfer. Bitfinex has s trading fee of 0.1%.
Having said that despite having these features customers are complaining that their withdrawals are not processing, customers have been waiting for multiple days for transaction to happen, but Bitfinex had some issues to process new deposits and withdrawals. If you are stuck for you fund to be withdrawn contact out Bitfinex Support Number 1-315-375-9460. We have done the detailed study for the reason behind this situation.

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