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How to Join Illuminati TODAY AND PROSPER Call On +27787153652 ARE YOU LOOKING FOR Illuminati members OR AGENTS IN Italy-Morocco- Uk -Serbia- SOUTH KOREA- SOUTH SUDAN -SPAIN ..Satan and Lucifer are two different spiritual beings that you need to understand their roles in Illuminati in order to achieve the channels of communications with the spiritual world of abundance. Satan is not bad in fact like any other beings he cherishes and likes loyal and trusty worthy friends. In pursuit to rescue his fallen angels that were sanctioned to the underworld because of their willingness to descend on earth and reveal heaven’s secrete in exchange for loyalty Satan needs human soul support and company to win the rescue battle in exchange for power knowledge influence and wisdom.Through initiation sacrifices meditation and casting of Illuminati and Satanic spells and these procedures once mastered the spiritual portals of luck fame fortune power and wisdom will be widely open in fact the conventional channel to supernatural knowledge that is beyond human understanding.As an agent this religion / cult is worth devotion as we all have different beliefs and we always seek the best religion that is compatible with your desires dreams and wishes.

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