Meditation Retreats in Nepal

City Pokhara
Street Address Infinity Resort Lake Side (Sedi Height),Pokhara 33
ZIP/Postal Code 33700
State Nueva Segovia
Country Nicaragua


Our advanced education system taught us to build a career and know about the outer world in detail, but never taught us to discover the true inner self and know the purpose of life. Therefore, you may join meditation retreats in Nepal to learn how to best manage this mysterious machine (human body), discover inner peace, retrieve balance, find the purpose of life, and know who you are.

By joining the meditation holidays in Nepal, you can perceive the great realization and receive the key to peace and happiness. A meditation retreat can be an ideal place for spiritual awakening and self-realization in the bosom of the majestic Himalayas.

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You may be practicing at home but in the absence of a mentor but the training remains incomplete. Nepal opens the door for an array of meditation techniques you will be able to learn in tranquil and quiet surroundings under the guidance of a guru. From mantra meditation techniques to Vipassana meditation, spirituality can be achieved in the birthplace of Buddha.

Yogatraininginnepal is a well-known platform for providing you a plethora of options along with meditation. You can choose retreats that range from 3 days to 15 days based on your preference. Along with meditation, you can also choose an array of activities such as excursions, yoga, pranayama, hiking, or trekking. You may go for practicing meditation in the Himalayas. A quick guide about curriculum is given below which you can check for a basic idea:

  • Achieve immeasurable peace of mind in the quietness and isolation of the Himalayas
  • Learn various mindful meditation techniques in a meditation retreat
  • Learn to embrace inner peace and silence through Vipassana meditation
  • Enjoy activities like mountain walk, cycling, hiking, spa therapy, and nature walk
  • Daily practice of asana is also offered by some retreats
  • Learn different styles of yoga such as Sivananda, restorative yoga, Iyengar, Bhakti, Raj yoga and more
  • Learn to chant the mantra for a peaceful mind
  • You may also learn more than 15 types of Pranayama exercises along with meditation depending upon your choice of retreat
  • Learn various meditation types including so-ham meditation, soul meditation, chakra meditation, mindfulness meditation, vipassana meditation and more
  • Learn about yogic relaxation

Meditation retreats also provide food and accommodation facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. Each room has an attached washroom, comfortable bed, spacious and airy surrounding, free Wi-Fi service, and basic and modern amenities. The food is delicious and completely vegetarian. Meals are nutritious and delicious. Seasonal fruits and vegetables also served along with healthy snacks.

Yogatrainingnepal is a quality-driven platform that is legitimate and authentic with its information about yoga schools, yoga retreats, meditation retreats, and yoga organizations in Nepal. You can choose the best locations at affordable prices. Handpicked yoga retreats in Nepal and teacher training programs and supportive and friendly customer support make easy to choose. For more details you can visit or write us at


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