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Now one company in Tokyo is offering a healthy solution to the sipping straw issue. Maybell Japan Co Ltd has released “greener nature straws, ” manufactured from grass of the species Lepironia grown over a pesticide-free farm in lower Vietnam. This grass includes naturally hollow stems, so all it requires to turn them straight into drinking straws is growing, washing, cutting into straw-size lengths, and drying in a special oven.

The resulting straws possess the crisp, thin texture so advisable for straws (and therefore lacking in paper straws) and are completely stable in liquids. They are 100% biodegradable and can be stored for up to a year after your manufacture date.

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“Why are companies spending a lot resources trying to grow biodegradable plastic straws or nicer paper straws if the perfect straws are just growing out there? ” says Maki Yasuda, TOP DOG of Maybell Japan. “That’s what I thought sometime this winter when I had been reading some news around the topic, and then remembered acquiring used nice grass straws on vacation at the resort a while backside. I thought wait, the reason why don’t people use in which here? ” After nearly a year of research, working using partners in Vietnam, supplement testing, and developing this brand, “greener nature straws” was given birth to.

“Everyone knows the issue with plastic plus the environment, so I didn’t think ıt had been necessary for greener to keep telling people about this evils of plastic, inadequate sea turtles, SDGs along with such. We are all aware of those issues. I wanted greener instead that they are about how nice it really is to drink from a straw crafted from real grass; how it makes you’re feeling to be using an all-natural product that is certainly environmentally friendly; how great the grass straw looks from a tall iced drink. I’d like to see greener to have this happy, kind, positive character. ”

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This approach is working, with the Prince Hotels from the Tokyo metropolitan area arriving on board as one of many first businesses to follow greener nature straws. Far more establishments and retailers are generally on way, which Maybell Japan desires to announce via the greener brand’s social websites in coming times. The straws are also available for retail, with 12-straw packs available on Amazon.

“If there exists one drawback to these kind of straws, it is the worth, ” says Yasuda. “Compared that will plastic and paper straws manufactured on an industrial machine, it is several times more pricey. But we’re talking just Couple yen for plastic straws utilised by restaurants, so even if greener straws become more expensive it’s still not a huge number. Restaurants work on the pretty tight margin so inevitably many need to be quite cost-conscious. Hence, those adopting our straws will first be a lot more upscale places in village, or shops that tend to be specialized in say, organic or natural food, that may get enough value outside using our straws to create sense of the selling price. I hope eventually, a growing number of people in the industry will see how much customers like being served drinks having greener straws and ensure it is worth the insufficient bit of extra price. ”. Paper Straw



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