Posting young entrepreneur is quite difficult

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OUTAPI – Posting young entrepreneur is quite difficult, according to Modric Shikalepo, a 29-year-old braai remain maker who saw the desire to make user-friendly stands for the braai lovers in existence.

Shikalepo told Youth Corner he thought we would venture into braai stay making because he observed people have always had difficulty with the old conventional stalls. “I always thought involving fabricating something unique and advanced so I looked over kapana vendors, friends and family affiliates during festive seasons just how they braai then I invented a better product, ” he / she explained.

Shikalepo, who holds Diploma in Boilermaking from your Namibian Institute of Exploration and Technology in Tsumeb as well as further pursued Coded Welding with Southampton City College around Johannesburg, says venturing into braai stand making is not really a walk in this park but somebody has to make them. “The market is very challenging but I am happy that when using the few stands I have made a long way, people are buying all of them, ” he admitted.

Your young boilermaker, based with Onambelela, some 10km from Outapi along side Oshakati main road, makes the stands on ask for. “I make the stands at your house, based on the demands from potential customers who are interested in them, ” he or she narrated.

Having started in November 2009, Shikalepo said the most significant challenge is capital for making different designs and decide to put them on display.

The self-employed Shikalepo stated various of costs associated together with making the exotic braai is an acronym. “The cost depends to the size of the endure, design and type of materials for being used. ”

In supplement, Shikalepo revealed that has a Hydraulic Bending Press, Guillotine Shear Machines, Pedestal Drilling Machine that will cut and bend plates accurately and faster but as a result of lack of funds, they may not be yet set or established. He said it calls for him approximately four to five hours to produce a stand. With the scarcity of jobs in the country, Shikalepo revealed he has found a niche already in the market. “My aspiration right now is always to aggressively introduce this product for the masses. The dream should be to keep on making these kinds of user-friendly masterpieces. At the conclusion of the day, I’d like my clients to always be happy. It is quality over quantity to do, ” he confidently expressed.
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