Tips To Supercharge Your Team In 2020

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This rediscovery increases productivity and performance and also elevates the happiness quotient at the workplace. Here are some super tips:

Ask your team to make a list of tasks/jobs they enjoy:-

Employees can list out tasks, activities they enjoy the most. This may not necessarily be related to the jobs they do. It could be gardening, cooking and even philanthropy. Based on the feedback, HR can plan employee engagement activities that touch upon these activities.

Give options for rotational duties/ responsibilities:-

Many times, employees start feeling that they are cut out for something else. Some other job profile interests them more. Wherever possible, companies should give employees options, where they can opt for diverse responsibilities. This helps in giving the team a diverse exposure to all profiles.

Plan team-building programs:-

Many firms just focus on games and sports activities. Although they are important and have their own relevance, programs should center around tasks that the workforce enjoys. Maybe drama competitions, karaoke fests, dance challenges, poster making contests; these can help team foster camaraderie.

Devise Corporate Social Awareness initiatives:-

Environmental goals, tree plantation drives, book launches on less known achievers, funding poor students can be few social initiatives that can be undertaken by firms. When teams work together to implement these initiatives, it definitely helps rediscover their purpose at work.

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