Who is 420 in AP – News and Articles on Andhra Pradesh Politics

City Amalapuram
Street Address Andhra Pradesh, India
State Andhra Pradesh
Country India

Who is 420 in AP provides information, articles and news on Andhra Pradesh politics. We bring you the latest stories on Politics and politicians like Chandrababu Naidu who were responsible for the huge corruption that happened in the state during his reign as Chief Minister of the state. We bring you high-quality and well-researched articles on politics and corruption that happened in the state.
Who is 420 in AP covers topics like:
Here is what we cover on our website:
1. Amravati Land Scam
2. Polavaram project controversy
3. Caste politics
4. Misuse of public fund
5. Favoring one community against the others
6. Handing out contracts to people associated with the people of their community
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