Youngsters Log On To Matrimonial Sites

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Offline matrimony: Personalised match-making

Mishi Sood, co-founder of MatchMe, an offline, matrimonial platform, says that youngsters are searching for partners themselves offline also and are open to people from different communities.

“This generation is well-travelled and educated. They meet new people and experience new cultures when they go out of the country for higher studies, jobs or trips. This helps them keep an open mind and be comfortable with different types of people,” she observes.

For an offline portal, the average age of a user is 30 and onwards.

“It is the age when the thought of settling down creeps in and they start looking for personalised match-makers. We have enquiry coming in for overseas partners too; South Africa, London, Singapore, Canada and the US are preferred countries,” says Mishi.

A noticeable trend in the offline space is that of women in their 40s and men in their 50s coming forward for their own marriage. “This is the age-group which is not comfortable about hunting for life partners online,” she says.

Unlike online platforms, the demand here is more for chartered accountants, lawyers and people from a similar industry.

Wallet factor
MatchMe – Rs 50,000
Ultra Rich Match – Rs 29,500 (for standard package) – Rs 49,000 for 3 months (basic package)


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